Classical Tibetan refers to the language of any text written in Tibetic after the Old Tibetan period; though it extends from the 7th century until the modern day, it particularly refers to the language of early canonical texts translated from other languages, especially Sanskrit. In 816, during the reign of King Sadnalegs, literary Tibetan underwent a thorough reform aimed at standardizing the language and vocabulary of the translations being made from Indian texts, which resulted in what is now called Classical Tibetan. (Source: Wikipedia)


Use CorpusImporter() or browse the CLTK GitHub repository (anything beginning with tibetan_) to discover available Tibetan corpora.

In [1]: from cltk.corpus.utils.importer import CorpusImporter

In [2]: c = CorpusImporter('tibetan')

In [3]: c.list_corpora
Out[3]: ['tibetan_pos_tdc', 'tibetan_lexica_tdc']